European Consumer Centre (ECC) Ireland presents a round-up of the week’s consumer news – in case you missed it!


Consumer news round-up – 10th November 2017


The Irish Times’ Conor Pope tallies up the costs for families

The Irish Times consumer journalist Conor Pope did a piece last Sunday totting up the costs for an average family and why you have no money. Depressing as it may be it is interesting to read the article and see where your money is going – the main areas being of course mortgages, food, utilities, motoring, education, health insurance costs and more.

Read the article: ‘Feeling the pinch? Conor Pope explains why you have no money’, The Irish Times, 5th November, 2017.


Government planning to introduce new so-called ‘latte levy’

Coffee lovers will be faced with paying a new so-called ‘latte levy’ on disposable coffee cups. According to the Irish Independent, the charge is being introduced in a bid to force people to start buying and using reusable coffee cups and therefore help the environment.

Read the article: ‘Coffee is already getting so expensive’ – Coffee drinkers react to new ‘latte levy’ on disposable cups’, Irish Independent, 6th November, 2017.


More than a third of consumer products recalls are toys

This is a worrying one but not that surprising. According to the Irish Examiner, data from Stericycle Expert Solution shows that toys accounted for 38% of consumer product recalls in Europe in the last three months.

Read the article: ‘Data shows more than a third of consumer product recalls are toys’, Irish Examiner, 7th November, 2017


Netflix and WhatsApp users targeted by scammers

There were two reports about scams this week. The first, reported below in the Irish Independent, involves an email scam trying to gather information and payment details from Netflix users. The other, reported in The Irish Times below, involves a fake Argos deal sent out to WhatsApp users.

Read both articles here:

‘Netflix email scam hits millions of subscribers’, Irish Independent, 7th November, 2017

‘Scammers target WhatsApp users through fake Argos deal’, The Irish Times, 7th November, 2017


New report proposes increase in TV license fee and charge for each household

Everyone’s favourite subject – TV licenses!! According to the Irish Independent, a new major report into funding public broadcasting is proposing the creation of a new license fee system which, if implemented, would see every household, regardless of whether they own a TV or not, being charged an increased fee.

Read the article here: ‘Major new report proposes increase in TV license fee and a charge for every home – even if you don’t own a TV’, Irish Independent, 10th November, 2017.