2023 Rugby World Cup: Tickets, Travel, Terms

The Rugby World Cup will be held in France from 8 September to 28 October 2023. Ticketing is already open on the one official website selling Rugby World Cup tickets: rugbyworldcup.com You can find the Ireland schedule of matches here. 



Buying Tickets

Rugby World Cup 2023 tickets can only be bought from the official ticketing website at this URL: tickets.rugbyworldcup.com. Tickets will be accessible to ticketholders via their ticketing accounts on the official ticketing website only a few weeks before the match. The terms and conditions of the official sales channel are available here. (The French version of these terms can be found here – as updated from time to time – and is the only authentic and authoritative version.) If you have questions about these, contact us for clarification or advice through our contact channel here.  

Note that purchasing a ticket for this event outside the official platform is risky: you might pay much more than its value and could be refused entry if you purchased a fake ticket or an electronic ticket sold several times. Rugby World Cup 2023 can’t guarantee access to stadiums for any tickets bought outside of official sources. If you are a victim of fraud or scam, you can submit a preliminary complaint with the French police here.  

Reselling Tickets

If you no longer wish to use your ticket, you may resell it. A resale platform will be made available to ticketholders via the official Rugby World Cup website. Resale is possible up to 24 hours before each match. All tickets resold will be available at the original ticket price, within a limit of 6 tickets per person. The detailed procedure and the terms and conditions for reselling tickets can be found here. 

Note that the resale of tickets and packages outside the official website is prohibited and constitutes an offence under the French penal code. Find out more about the resale procedure here.



Independent Travel

If you arrange your own trip to France by air or ferry and stay in directly-booked accommodation, make sure you check the travel cancellation terms and conditions for all these bookings. Note that if any portion of your travel is cancelled or delayed or if the match gets cancelled or changed, you will have to modify all these bookings separately, so it is worth checking the cancellation and change terms for each of the providers of the travel services before you proceed with the reservations.  

Package Travel

With The Official French Hospitality Partner

You can travel to the Rugby World Cup 2023 in France using the VIP hospitality packages offered by the Rugby World Cup Official Hospitality Partner, Daimani, a French travel company. You can choose from these packages for the Ireland matches here. EU cross-border consumer rights apply to this reservation. 

If you are an Ireland resident, this would be a cross-border package travel booking and you can review the terms and conditions attached here. Note that the French version of these terms here (as updated from time to time) is the only authentic and authoritative version. If you have questions about these, contact us for clarification or advice.  

With An Official Ireland Travel Agent

The 2023 Rugby World Cup authorises official travel agents and sub-agents in various countries. Check out the Ireland list of authorised ticket- and travel package-selling agents here.  

If you have purchased a travel package that also includes the tickets to the 2023 France Rugby World Cup with one of the Ireland-registered travel agents, Irish consumer law on package holidays applies. In that case, please refer to the consumer rights and redress options here 



Ireland team merchandise is available on the official website shop here for delivery to Ireland. Details of the shipping and returns policy can be found here. Note that consumers are liable for the return costs and the returns address is based in the United Kingdom, which may have cross-border tax implications. Review the latest up-to-date rules for shopping online in the UK from Ireland here. 




If you encounter a problem with tickets purchased directly from the official French Rugby World Cup website or its resale platform, please contact ECC Ireland here. If you purchased the tickets as part of a travel package, you must refer to the terms and conditions of that package and contact the travel agency.  

Independent Travel

If you have put together your travel itinerary and made all your bookings and payments directly, you must refer to the terms and conditions for cancellations and changes for each of the travel services. Find out more about your public transport rights, car rental and independently-booked accommodation with EU entities on our website and contact ECC Ireland if you need further help with a cross-border booking made with a business in France. 

Note that if you opted for privately-owned accommodation through a third-party platform, you must refer to the terms and conditions of both the contracts between the consumer and the platform, and the platform and the accommodation provider, respectively; if you have booked accommodation directly with a private (non-commercial) owner, this is not covered by EU consumer rights. 

Package Travel

If you have purchased a travel package, including the match tickets and all the other travel services for your stay in France with the French hospitality agent, Daimani, and encounter problems before, during and after your trip, contact ECC Ireland, after you have tried to resolve the problem directly with this agent to no avail.  

If you have booked your package with the Irish agent or any of the sub-agents, please refer to the terms and conditions of those bookings and contact the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission of Ireland for assistance here.   


If you have trouble with your official merchandise delivery or returns from/to the United Kingdom, and have tried to resolve the matter directly with the official merchandise shop to no avail, please contact ECC Ireland with the full details of your complaint, including receipts and all sale documentation here. 


As with any type of travel, especially trips and packages bought specifically in order to attend an event abroad, you should consider getting travel insurance. 

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If you have any questions on any of the above or simply want to make sure that you are getting the right option for your travel to the Rugby World Cup 2023 in France, contact the European Consumer Centre Ireland here.  Read more on tickets, events and package holidays on our website eccireland.ie here:  

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