January 2023 : 30th Anniversary of the European Union Single Market

The European Union begins the year celebrating one of its biggest milestones: 30 years since the creation of what we call the Single Market  – an enhanced Union whereby in 1993 internal border controls between EU countries were abolished based on the EU’s fundamental freedoms: free movement of people, goods, services and capital.

Watch a retrospective of the milestones and the achievements and the Single Market via the European Commission here:

For more insight into what the Single Market does for European citizens, watch this material by the European Parliament here:

Since 1993, the Single Market created new opportunities for European citizens and businesses, setting standards for products and services, growing businesses and helping consumers get the best opportunities within our extended borders. See how the Single Market has grown from the point of view of European business here:

Get the full facts on the Single Market’s achievements in THE SINGLE MARKET IN NUMBERS factsheet below detailing the many benefits and opportunities European citizens can enjoy every day:

SM 30 JAN23 V9

Read all about the benefits of intra-Union cross-border trade integration over the last 30 years of the Single Market in this European Commission paper here:


Get an overview of Eurostat’s main statistics on the Single Market since inception  here:

Among the many benefits to consumers, Europeans avail of fundamental consumer rights, such as the right to repair:

For a full list of consumer benefits and other key achievements of the Single Market over its 30-year existence, head to the European Commission’s website here.

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