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Falsified medicines


Falsified medicines are often disguised as authentic medicines but may contain ingredients of bad or toxic quality, or in the wrong dosage. As they have not been properly checked for quality, safety and efficacy, as required by strict EU authorisation, they can pose a real risk to your health. As falsified medicines become more sophisticated, the risk of them reaching patients in the EU increases. They represent a serious threat to global health and call for a comprehensive strategy both at European and international level.


EU logo for online sale of medicines

The illegal sale of medicinal products via the Internet is a serious threat to public health and safety as falsified medicinal products may easily reach the public in this way. The common logo for legally operating online pharmacies/retailers in EU countries was first introduced by Directive 2011/62/EUSearch for available translations of the preceding link (the Falsified Medicines Directive) as one of the measures to fight against falsified medicines.

The EU has introduced a common logo for legally operating online pharmacies/retailers in EU countries as one of the measures to fight against falsified medicines. The logo vouches for the authenticity of the websites and guarantees the safety of the products.

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The Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) of Ireland protects and enhances public and animal
health by regulating medicines, medical devices and other health products. As the regulatory authority of Ireland, it monitors the safety of all medical devices available in Ireland, making sure that these products do not compromise the health and safety of the patient or the person using them. It also ensures that medical device manufacturers comply with all safety regulations.