European Consumer Centre (ECC) Ireland presents a round-up of the week’s consumer news – in case you missed it!


Consumer News round-up – week ending 13th July 2018


What’s happening with the Ryanair strikes?

Here you’ll find our collection of stories (up to 12th July) about the on-going Ryanair strike situation. Hopefully you haven’t been affected, but if you have, then remember you have air passenger rights. Check out some of the Ryanair strike stories from earlier this week:


Major recall of frozen veg amid fears of Listeria contamination

If you’ve bought frozen veg lately then you might want to check it. Earlier this week, it was announced that the Food Safety Authority of Ireland has issued an urgent recall of 18 products sold in Tesco, Lidl, Iceland and Brakes stores. Check out this article in The Sun to see if your frozen veg purchase is on the list.

Read full article here: ‘Huge Recall – Irish supermaket chains Tesco, Lidl, Iceland and Brakes urgently recall 18 items over fears of a deadly Listeria outbreak’, by Colm Phelan, The Irish Sun, 7th July 2018.


Irish consumers reluctant to switch phone providers

This article in The Irish Times this week was quite interesting. It reveals that Irish consumers are extremely reluctant to switch phone providers and that this is costing us money. Why is that? Researchers have pointed to fear and loyalty as some of the key reasons.

Read the full article here: ”Extreme reluctance’ to switch phone providers costing Irish consumers’, by Conor Pope, The Irish Times, 9th July 2018.