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Consumer News Round-up – week ending 14th June 2019


What a bargain – how consumers love the thrill of the ‘treasure hunt’

There was a time when if you nabbed a bargain you’d keep quiet about it in the hopes that admirers would be fouled into thinking you paid top dollar. Apparently, those days are now gone with consumers now eager to not only find the ultimate bargain but to go hunting through the second-hand clothes rails and come out boasting. Oh, how times have changed.

Read the full article here: ‘Thrill of the ‘treasure hunt’ pushing consumers towards second hand shops’, by Conor Pope, The Irish Times, 10th June 2019.


Viagogo boss vows ticket resale site will comply with UK court order asap

The boss of ticket resale site Viagogo, Cris Miller, has insisted that the company will comply with a UK court order to comply with consumer legislation ‘as soon as possible’. This comes after a a court order secured by the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority with the deadline to comply set for January 2019.

Read the full article here: ‘Viagogo boss says company will be compliant with law ‘as soon as possible”, by Chris Cooke,CMU (, 10th June 2019.


Over half of British retailers have no plans in place for Brexit

A worrying 57% of British retailers have not put in plans to offset the disruption that could be caused by Brexit despite the fact that it’s now three years since the EU referendum took place, that’s according to a survey by Global-e in conjunction with Censuswide. The poll of 200 British retailers also found that 22% are considering moving all or part of their business to an EU country and 2% already have, many retailers are concerned that the October 31st Brexit is so close to peak trading season with 38% being of the opinion that online trading will be affected, and 58% of retailers that sell internationally accept that doing so will become more complex.

Read the full article here: ‘Most British retailers ‘still have no Brexit plan’,, 11th June 2019.


Europol report warns counterfeit medicine a ‘growing threat’ in Europe

A report by European Union’s police agency Europol and its Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) has warned that counterfeit medicine is a ‘growing threat’ in Europe causing serious illness or even death. Organised gangs are importing these dangerous products from outside the EU, such as China, by taking advantage of the boom in online marketplaces and resultant parcel deliveries as well as new rail connections.

Read the full article here: ‘Counterfeit medicine a ‘growing threat’: EU study’,, 12th June 2019.


Irish furniture company ceases trading leaving consumers seeking redress through chargeback or PayPal

Donegal-based furniture company, Themes and Dreams, has ceased trading, according to an article by Conor Pope in The Irish Times. The company, which specialises in bespoke children’s beds, has cited Brexit uncertainty as a reason for the closure. It states that it is written to affected customers advising to seek redress via chargeback or PayPal.

Read the full article here: ‘Donegal-based maker of bespoke furniture ceases trading’, by Conor Pope, The Irish Times, 13th June 2019