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Consumer News Round-up – week ending 18th October 2019


Consumers paying more for less because of shrinkflation

It’s been clear for some time now that consumers are now paying more for less because of the growing trend of shrinkflation. Conor Pope looks at some of the top brands who have been reducing products such as chocolates but not reducing the price.

Read the full article here: ‘The growing trend of shrinkflation means you could be paying more for less,’ by Conor Pope, The Irish Times, 14th October 2019.


Central Bank new rules on insurance renewal notices

The Central Bank is to bring in new rules that will help ensure that consumers are better informed when their insurance policies are due for renewal. Under the rules, renewal notices will have to be sent to policy holders 20 days in advance of when the cover expires, rather than the current 15 days.

Read the full article here: ‘New insurance renewal measures coming to help inform consumer decisions’, RTÉ Business, 15th October 2019.


Survey finds most Irish consumers believe Brexit will lead to food and drink price rises

According to the results of an iReach survey, most Irish consumers believe that Brexit will lead to price rises for food and drink products.

Read the full article here: ‘Brexit will lead to price increases on food and drink, Irish consumers believe’, by Charlie Weston, Irish Independent, 15th October 2019.

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