European Consumer Centre (ECC) Ireland presents a round-up of the week’s consumer news – in case you missed it!


Consumer News Round-up – week ending 19th October 2018


MEP Brian Hayes welcomes boost to EU rail passenger rights

According to an article in the Irish Examiner earlier this week, the EU is considering boosting passenger rights for people travelling by train. MEP Brian Hayes has welcomed the move adding that it would give rail passengers the same type of protection as air travel.

Read the full article here: ‘EU set to ‘significantly enhance’ rail passenger rights’, Irish Examiner, 14th October 2018.


Free trial offer, making false Dragons’ Den approval claims, costing consumers hundreds of euro

‘Free trial’ offers which end up costing consumers much more in form of additional payments of locked-in subscription contracts is something that happens all the time. And now, there is a new scam doing the rounds. According to this Irish Independent article, there is a free trial skincare products offer that is making false claims about winning Dragon’s Den approval, is resulting in many women being left out of pocket.

Read the full article here: ”Free’ skincare trial offer is leaving women feeling red-faced’, by Alan O’Keefe, Irish Independent, 14th October 2018. 

For more information check this subscription trap press release we issued earlier this year as well as this subscription trap infographic.


Irish solicitor charged €345 for ‘tiny scratch’ slams lack of regulation in car rental sector

An Irish solicitor who was forced to pay €345 for a small scratch to his rental car has slammed the lack of regulation in the car rental sector in Europe, a situation which allows many car rental companies to treat consumers unfairly.

Read the full article here: ”I was told it’s nothing personal’ – Solicitor slams car rental company over €345 charge for ‘tiny scratch”, by Amy Molloy, Irish Independent, 14th October 2018.

Check out our car rental tips section for more information and advice.


Study fines financial products like mortgages still confusing consumers

According to an article by Charlie Weston writing for the Irish Independent, many features of financial products are poorly understood by consumers. This is no great surprise really – it is a bit of a minefield. A study by the Economic and Social Research Institute, and funded by the Central Bank, has found that consumers don’t fully comprehend the real time it takes to pay off debt and they are confused about varying mortgage costs.

Read the full article here: ‘Consumers baffled over how long it takes to repay debt and why mortgage costs vary’, by Charlie Weston, Irish Independent, 16th October 2018.


Consumers to benefit from mortgage and health insurance cost reductions

Here’s another one from Charlie Weston. Apparently, consumers may finally be able to take a bit of a breather as mortgages and health insurance costs seem to be reducing. Let’s hope so!

Read the full article here: ‘Charlie Weston: It looks like consumers are finally being cut some slack’, Irish Independent, 19th October 2018.