European Consumer Centre (ECC) Ireland presents a round-up of the week’s consumer news – in case you missed it!


Consumer News round-up – week ending 1st June 2018

Ed Sheeran’s war against secondary ticket sites & ticket touting proposals

The topic of ticket touting and secondary ticket was once again in the news recently. The Irish Independent revealed how pop star Ed Sheeran has waged war against secondary ticket sites but that ticket restrictions has caused issues for some fans. The Irish Times articles focuses on what the Government is doing about ticket touting.

Read the full articles here:

‘Ed Sheeran ‘not trying to stitch fans up’ in war against secondary ticket sites’, by Lucy Mapstone, Irish Independent, 26th May 2018.

‘Ticket touting proposals lack Government fans’, The Irish Times, 26th May 2018.


Fraudsters scanning the internet and social media to scam you out of thousands

Unfortunately ECC Ireland hears about lots of scams so we take any opportunity to spread the word and warn people about any new tricks. This article by Louise McBride in the Irish Independent caught our eye because it talks about the ways fraudsters are using information about you online and in social media to trick you and lists some of the scams that are doing the rounds.

Read the full article here: ‘Sneaky scams that could trick you into parting with thousands’, by Louise McBride, Irish Independent, 27th May 2018.


Currys PC World accused of charging ‘hidden fees’ for insurance 

This article in The Sun made the cut this week because it reveals how Currys PC World has been accused of charging some customers up to £2,000 in ‘hidden fees’ for insurance that they were either unaware. Some of the charges have gone unnoticed for years and were applied to accounts even when customers had refused to purchase the insurance in store.

Read the full article here: ‘Caught out – Currys PC World customers warned to check bank accounts as thousands stung with ‘hidden’ monthly charges’, by William Calvert, The Sun, 30th May 2018.


Ryanair’s Priority Boarding fee could cost you as much as €7

Just a few months after changing its baggage policy Ryanair has increased the price of its Priority Boarding fees to a high of €7 per flight. An article by Pól Ó Conghaile in the Irish Independent this week reveals that the fee has changed from €5 per flight to ‘from €5/€6 to €6/€7 depending on route selected and if paying at the time of booking or adding to a booking.

Read the full article here: ‘Ryanair raises Priority Boarding fees, just months after introducing baggage changes’, by Pól Ó Conghaile, Irish Independent, 30th May 2018.