European Consumer Centre (ECC) Ireland presents a round-up of the week’s consumer news – The last one of 2017!!!!


Consumer News round-up – 22nd December 2017


What happens when your gift doesn’t arrive, is faulty, or is wrong?

If you’re wondering what your rights are if the Christmas gift you bought doesn’t arrive on time, is faulty, or is wrong then check out this article written by Emma Kennedy for the Sunday Business Post. The article features advice from ECC Ireland and the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission.

Read the full article – ‘Clear and present danger: How to avoid a consumer nightmare’, by Emma Kennedy, Sunday Business Post, 17th December 2017.


Three fined €575,000 for notification of contract changes

This article by Elaine Edwards in The Irish Times on Tuesday is about mobile operator Three who was fined €575,000 by ComReg for failing to notify customers properly about changes to contracts.

Read the full article – ‘Mobile firm Three fined €575,000 over notification of contract changes’, by Elaine Edwards, The Irish Times, 19th December 2017.


Make sure to read the small print when Christmas or January sales shopping

The Irish Examiner featured advice from the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission about the importance of reading the small print and really thinking about whether or not it really is a bargain.

Read the full article – ‘Bargains galore out there – but read the small print’, Irish Examiner, 19th December 2017.