European Consumer Centre (ECC) Ireland presents a round-up of the week’s consumer news – in case you missed it!


Consumer News Round-up – week ending 7th June 2019


14-day cooling off period and retailers getting tough on ‘serial returners’

John Hearne, writing for the Irish Examiner, looks at how some major retailers are getting strict on what has been described as ‘serial returners’. The article also examines the right of withdrawal (A.K.A the 14 day cooling off period) with advise from ECC Ireland about when it doesn’t apply as well as your rights before and after Brexit.

Read the full article here: ‘Retailers get tough on serial returners’, by John Hearne, Irish Examiner, 30th May 2019.

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Amazon to give small businesses a boost with pop-up shops

Online marketplace giant, Amazon, has announced that it is to launch a ‘Clicks and Mortar’ programme in the UK which will see pop-shops on the high street thereby assisting small British businesses.

Read the full article here: ‘Amazon opens pop-up shops to put online brands on the high street’, by Alys Key, Irish Independent, 2nd June 2019. 


Advice on returning not as described car 

Wondering what to do if you buy a car from a trader in the UK and it turns out not as described? A Northern Irish consumer who bought a car from a trader in Scotland and which turned out to undisclosed previous damage turned to What Car? for advice and managed to get a refund.

Read the full article here: ‘Seller didn’t disclose damage on used car, so can I reject it?’, by Claire Evans, What Car?, 4th June 2019.

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