European Consumer Centre (ECC) Ireland presents a round-up of the week’s consumer news – in case you missed it!

Consumer News round-up – 1st December 2017


It’s all about Cyber Monday and Christmas shopping

Over the past week or so there has been a lot of articles written about Cyber Monday and Christmas shopping. This has included tips about your consumer rights when shopping online, trends, and even some figures from ECC Ireland’s recent survey. Here’s two articles from The Irish Times.

‘Just another Cyber Monday: shop smart and beware of scams’, by Conor Pope, The Irish Times, Monday 27nd November, 2017.

‘Christmas shopping online: How to get it all wrapped up’, by Fiona Reddan, The Irish Times, Tuesday 28th November 2017.


Sending expensive Christmas gifts using third-party delivery services

An consumer advice column in the Irish Independent caught our eye this week. It is in relation to question we at ECC Ireland are asked all the time – what happens when you send expensive items though third-party delivery services. Read the article to find out what advice Aine Carroll from the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission gave.

‘Can I insure against losing an expensive Christmas gift while it’s being delivered?’, Aine Carroll, Irish Independent, 26th November 2017.


UK Competition watchdog to widen investigation into ticket resale sites 

This is an article from The Guardian in the UK, which says that an investigation into ticket resale sites by the Competition and Markets Authority could lead to seconding ticketing firms being fined or taken to court.

‘Ticket resale sites could face court over consumer law concerns’, by Rob Davies, The Guardian, 28th November 2017.


Vouchers that expire after six to 12 months are unfair to consumers, says CAI

This is a topic that all consumers get annoyed about. We’ve all been in the situation where we, or the person that receives the voucher, have forgotten about it and then discover that it has expired. We spotted this article in The Irish Sun which features the Consumer Association of Ireland calling for retailers to be more flexible.

‘Venetia Quick: Giving credit where its due – vouchers would be great if all retailers ignored expiry dates’, The Irish Sun, 29th November, 2017.


Dublin Airport to have new passport machines and ‘e-Gates’

According to the Irish Independent, new passport machines and ‘e-Gates’ have been set up at Dublin Airport. Check out the article to find out more.

‘New passport machines and ‘e-Gates’ have opened at Dublin Airport’, Pól Ó Conghaile, Irish Independent, 1st December, 2017.