Gift Vouchers in Ireland

The Consumer Protection (Gift Vouchers) Act 2019 is effective in Ireland from 2 December 2019 and regulates that gift vouchers will have a minimum expiry date of five years.

The Act applies to gift vouchers defined ‘as any voucher, coupon, or other document or
instrument, including in electronic form, that is intended to be used as a substitute for
money in the payment, in whole or in part, for goods or services or otherwise exchanged for
goods or services.’

The Act does not apply to coupons, vouchers, documents or other instruments, including in
electronic form –

  • that are redeemable only for the purposes of the purchase at a discounted price of
    specified goods or specified services from a specified trader or traders on a specified
    date or for a specified period of limited duration not exceeding 3 months,
  • that are supplied under a customer loyalty scheme,
  • that are supplied in connection with a promotional scheme connected to the
    purchase of specified goods or specified services,
  • that are supplied by way of a refund for goods returned to a trader,
  • that are redeemable only in exchange for goods or services relating to telephone
    services, internet services, fuel, electricity, heating or any other utility,
  • cheques, bank drafts or postal orders,
  • that constitute electronic money within the meaning of the European Communities
    (Electronic Money) Regulations 2011,
  • that are not supplied, marketed, provided or otherwise made available to be given
    as a gift.


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