ECC Ireland handled a case on behalf of a Czech consumer regarding a timeshare company based in Ireland. The consumer had originally purchased the timeshare in the 90s but now sought to withdraw from the contract as, due to health problems, he was no longer able to travel. Having experienced difficulties in dealing with the company directly, he contacted ECC Czech Republic who shared the case with our office. The consumer was advised that the specific terms of the contract would make it difficult to withdraw but that there was a possibility to pursue the matter on health grounds. ECC Ireland contacted the company and outlined the consumer’s difficulties. The company requested medical documents to prove the consumer’s illness, but eventually issued a surrender form for the consumer to sign. This was signed and returned to the company and the case resolved successfully.


ECC Ireland handled a case on behalf of a UK consumer who had entered into a holiday club with a company based in Ireland. The portfolio of accommodation had decreased dramatically over a number of years and the consumer no longer wished to be part of it. He also wished to secure a refund of his original investment. ECC Ireland advised the consumer that it would be difficult to secure a refund of the original amount paid, but that we could contact the company to seek rescission of the contract and a refund of the sums paid for that year. The company acknowledged receipt of correspondence; however, it would not investigate the matter any further. Due to this lack of cooperation, ECC Ireland was forced to close the case without a resolution.

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