Online Shopping Rights

The European Single Market gives consumers access to a wide range of products and services at competitive prices while European consumer rights legislation ensures protection for consumers when buying goods and services across Europe.

In addition to the standard shopping consumer rights of conformity (goods must be as described, fit for of merchantable quality), non-discrimination (equal access to goods across the EU), and transparency (product information must be accurate and sufficiently detailed), online shopping offers additional safeguards.


Clear Information

EU online sellers must provide prospective online consumers with detailed information such as:

  • Name and address
  • Main characteristics of the good/service
  • Price including taxes a
  • Delivery costs and method
  • How payment is to be made
  • How the service will be provided/performed
  • The minimum duration of the contract for a service and how long it will be open to you to enter into the contract on these terms
  • Cancellation policy and the conditions for terminating acontract if it is of unlimited duration or for longer than one year.
  • Returns policy
  • The cost of customer service communications if it is above a basic rate
  • Post-sale available guarantees and services


Refund After Cooling Off

When you shop online you have the right to a “cooling-off” period of 14 calendar days where you can withdraw from the contract and return your purchases to the seller.
This excludes hotel bookings, car rental, travel tickets and other leisure services, personalised goods, audio/video content and products, perishable goods, gaming and lottery services.
Where a consumer exercises their right of withdrawal as above, the trader is obliged to refund them within 14 days.



Refund For Delayed / Non-delivery

Your purchase should be delivered within 30 days unless you agree otherwise with the seller. A consumer can cancel the order and claim a refund if:

  • the ordered did / will not arrive in time for a specified essential event
  • the trader fails to deliver by a date specified by the consumer
  • the trader has stated unequivocally that it cannot / will not deliver the goods
  • the trader fails to deliver the item(s) within a mutually agreed additional period

Where the contract is cancelled, the trader is obliged to refund the consumer any and all sums that have been paid under the contract within 14 days.


Learn more about online shopping rights here.

Consumer Assistance

The European Consumer Centre Ireland provides free advice and support with cross-border purchase issues and can help consumers deal with disputes relating to faulty goods. If you have tried to resolve a dispute with a business to no avail, click here to submit an inquiry.