Linked Travel Arrangements

EU consumer protections only apply to package holidays and linked travel arrangements while independent holidays are governed by the Terms and Conditions specified in the contracts. Click on the types of holidays below to learn more about consumer rights and redress options in the European Union.

This type of travel involves buying two or more travel services from different companies that are linked but under separate contracts. Linked travel arrangements enjoy similar consumer protections if they meet the following requirements:

  • Must include at least two different types of travel services
  • The services are purchased for the purpose of the same trip or holiday (but do not constitute a package)
  • The services result in the conclusion of separate contracts with the individual travel service providers
  • The seller facilitates a single point of sale or internet page, but separate payments for each travel service.
  • The second contract must be concluded within 24 hours from the first one

You have similar but fewer rights with a linked travel arrangement than with a package contract and these only extend to the insolvency of the company with which you made your first booking – in this case, you are entitled to a refund or repatriation. Consumer protections are also available to consumers where the trader facilitating a ‘linked travel arrangement’ failed to inform consumers about the insolvency protection, or that they will not benefit from the other rights applying to packages.