COVID-19: Consumer advice before you travel

Consumer advice and information about COVID-19 related travel restrictions in relation to specific destinations is changing rapidly. 

Over the next while, your travel plans may be affected by:

  • Advice from the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) against travel from Ireland to an affected destination here.
  • Advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO) against travel to affected countries here.
  • Travel restrictions, closed borders and population movement bans in the country or region of destination.
  • Decisions by your travel agent or transport provider to cancel flights or transport to the country of or to the final destination of your intended trip.

Given the extraordinary volume of enquiries being made to travel operators at the moment, and the rapidly changing situation in Europe and globally, the best course of action for Irish air, sea and land travellers with current and future bookings is to thoroughly check the following:

  • The latest travel advice for travel out of Ireland and to a specific destination from the Department of Foreign Affairs on here. 
  • The latest updates on policies and decisions taken by individual travel companies, tour operators, airlines and other transport providers with regard to operational changes and cancellations of services on their websites, social media or press releases in the print and broadcast press. With respect to a specific booking, either wait for their travel operator / provider to contact them or contact their travel operator / provider directly. 
  • The latest available operational updates and advice issued by the Irish Government on here and which might affect the above.
  • The latest global pandemic updates from the World Health Organisation for Europe here and travel advice globally here

If you are planning to travel in Europe in the very near future, particularly in COVID-19 affected areas or countries currently implementing or considering inward and outward travel restrictions, we advise that you carefully review your travel agreements and cancellation policies well in advance of your date of travel or decision to cancel your trip.

In times of great uncertainty, one of the best options to make sure you don’t end up out of pocket is to plan carefully, monitor the travel advice updates from the Irish authorities and the countries you plan to travel to. 

It is also a good idea to take out travel insurance, especially if you travel abroad multiple times a year, especially by air, from Ireland. For details on how and what insurance covers with respect to Coronavirus-related travel disruptions, please refer to the updated information on the CCPC website here.

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