ECC-Net: Consumer and Travel Rights in Ukrainian

The European Consumer Centre (ECC) Ireland is a member of the European Consumer Centre Network (ECC-Net), which offers consumers across the European Union advice on their consumer rights and legal protections when shopping and travelling in another European Union Member State or European Economic Area country. ECC-Net members cooperate closely to help settle complaints between consumers and businesses based in different EU countries, as well as in Norway, Iceland and the United Kingdom.

Our services are now available to Ukrainian residents in any of the Member States of the EU and the EEA and below you will find most of our consumer information resources translated into Ukrainian:


Long Term And Short Term Accommodation In The EU EN

Довгострокове та короткострокове проживання в ЄС UA


  • Mobile network services and roaming

Mobile Phone Services In The EU EN

Послуга мобільного зв’язку в ЄС UA


  • Setting up a basic bank account

Право на основний банківський рахунок UA

Right To A Basic Bank Account EN


  • Passenger and travel consumer rights

Passenger Rights (trains, Coaches & Boats) EN

Права пасажирів (потяги, автобуси та кораблі) UA

Права пасажирів в ЄС (загальний та повітряний транспорт) UA

Passenger Rights In The EU (general And Air Travel) EN


  • Car rental

Renting A Car In The EU EN

Оренда автомобіля в ЄС UA


  • Legal and commercial guarantees

Legal And Commercial Guarantees EN

Юридичні та комерційні гарантії UA


  • Cancellation rights (cooling-off period)

Cancellation Rights (cooling Off Period) EN

Право на відмову від договору UA