European Commission Press Release: Digital Markets Act enters into force

On 1 November 2022, the European Commission confirmed that the long-awaited Digital Markets Act (DMA) that regulates rules for digital “gatekeepers” (platforms and marketplaces) entered into force. It will be applicable as of May 2023.

Gatekeepers are companies operating “platform services” and online intermediary services, such as “app stores, online search engines, social networking services, certain messaging services, video-sharing platform services, virtual assistants, web browsers, cloud computing services, operating systems, online marketplaces, and advertising services”.

The DMA is set to address “the negative consequences arising from certain behaviours by online platforms acting as digital gatekeepers to the EU single market” in order to ensure fair and open digital markets for all users by establishing obligations that “gatekeepers” must comply with in their daily operations. These are some of the dos and don’t formalised by the DMA in the European Union:

Find out more in this video:


and the Questions and Answers document on the Digital Markets Act here

Questions And Answers Digital Markets Act Ensuring Fair And Open Digital Markets