March 16th marks European Consumer Day 2015. This is an initiative of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) which allows for an annual discussion of consumer issues, including new developments in the law and challenges faced by consumers throughout Europe.

This year’s theme is new trends in consumption. The EESC posits that the era of mindless consumption is over, as an increase in environmental and social awareness has led consumers to take new factors into account when spending. It is argued that consumers are considering their needs more carefully and taking value for money into account more than ever before. The hardships many continue to face due to the economic crisis have also had an impact on the way consumers spend.

European Consumer Day 2015 looks to highlight responsible consumption and discuss whether this may become the new reality for consumers in Europe. It will also consider the possible challenges posed by such new trends.

The full programme can be accessed here. Further information and links to a livestream of the discussion are available here.

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