Good Practice Guides for Traders

Selling in the EU comes with a range of obligations and requirements with respect to:

Product requirements

Other recommendations are issued by OECD, such as:

Good practice guide on consumer data

from the OECD Recommendation on Consumer Protection in E-Commerce analyses issues associated with consumer data practices, and focuses on deceptive representations about consumer data practices, misrepresentations by omission; and unfair consumer data practices. It provides key business tips to comply with consumer protection principles under the E-commerce Recommendation.



Good practice guide on online advertising

offers practical guidance offers tips for businesses in four areas of online advertising: (i) misleading marketing practices; (ii) ad identification; (iii) endorsements; and (iv) protection of children or vulnerable consumers.




Good practice guide on online consumer ratings and reviews

provides practical guidance to businesses on online consumer ratings and reviews. The document focuses on four issue areas: (i) fake ratings and reviews; (ii) incentivised ratings and reviews; (iii) negative ratings and reviews; and (iv) misleading moderation practices.