Ireland 2019 Market Monitoring Survey

The Consumer Market Monitoring Survey 2019 carried out by Ipsos for the European Commission confirms findings in the European Consumer Centre’s own Annual Report 2019 on the experiences of Irish consumers here

The annual market monitor surveys assess the performance of a range of goods and services and look at consumers’ experiences with these in all the markets of the European Union, the UK, Iceland and Norway. The latest Ireland report looks at Irish consumers’ experiences with this range of products and services over 2019, including household appliances, electronic products, toys and children’s products, cosmetics, home and garden, furniture and furnishings, airline services and holiday accommodation.

The report found that between 90% and 97% of consumers in Ireland reported positive experiences of purchasing goods or services in EU markets in 2019 while 5%-23% of consumers in Ireland have experienced a problem that resulted in a customer complaint, particularly in relation to cosmetics purchases (59%) and holiday accommodation (80%).

Irish consumers generally rated their experiences of purchasing products/services in the EU as being overwhelmingly positive across all sectors surveyed.


Nevertheless, a sizeable number of Irish consumers experienced problems with the products or services you purchased, including financial loss:


A high number of dissatisfied Irish consumers also made formal complaints to the traders they purchased products and services from:

The report found that they expressed varying levels of satisfaction as to the outcome of their complaints:

Read the entire market monitor report for Ireland in 2019 here:

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Read our Annual Report 2019 here:


ECC IRELAND Annual Report 2019 FINAL