Love In The Age of Online Shopping

Love is in the air online in February – from engraved jewellery to designer bags and experience gifts, the Valentine’s Day industry is growing every year, with most deals now found on the internet. But not all Valentine’s gifts are going to steal your heart. Indeed, some rogue traders just steal your money. So here is what to do when you definitely are not feeling the vibe …  

When your heart is not in it anymore

The heart is fickle – we get it. And so does consumer legislation. You have 14 days to change your mind and return an online purchase and get a full refund. You can do so for any reason – even if you simply changed your mind; it’s called “cooling off”. Learn more about it here. 


When love doesn’t find a way 

We’ve all been there – your heart skips a beat when you spot the perfect gift at just the right price, and the shipping estimate is perfect, too. Alas, it doesn’t arrive in time for Valentine’s Day… You are now dealing with a heartbroken fiancée and are in the red, too. It’s a good idea to purchase well in advance for a special occasion. Keep in mind that your purchase should be delivered within 30 days or you can cancel it and claim a refund. Learn more on what you can expect from an online delivery here. 


When he doesn’t rock your world  

He took your breath away when you first met him but the rock on that proposal ring didn’t. But it’s not his fault, he was fooled into believing it was a genuine stone. Though he should have known better – you really can’t buy a real diamond for a fraction of the price. Learn how to avoid buying counterfeit goods here. 


When you’re stuck together forever 

Diamonds are forever … and so are personalised gifts. Once you had anything engraved, customised or otherwise altered for a specific purpose, you are stuck with it for life. These types of products cannot be returned and refunded, so think twice before making a big commitment. Learn more here. 


When it’s not meant to be 

You hopped on an online dating adventure recently and fell hard for one of the profiles there. She’s just your type; maybe even the one! Fast forward 3 weeks later … you decide love is blind and this really doesn’t work. You walk away disillusioned, but you are stuck with a dating site subscription that just doesn’t let go.  Many dating sites apply an automatic recurrent subscription charge that effectively ties you into a long-term contract. Fall in love but don’t fall into a trap with our advice here. 


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