ECC Ireland Flight Refunds for Covid Restrictions December 2021

5 December 2021



The European Consumer Centre says the new rules have seen many Irish people rush to cancel their flights and Dr. Cyril Sullivan of the organisation said it is worth contacting an airline beforehand:

“Where a consumer or air passenger decides not to take a flight because they’re concerned about COVID-19 or due to Government restrictions, unfortunately, they may not be able to recover their money if the flight has not been cancelled by the airline or if it has not been booked as part of a package holiday.

“So we suggest that consumers should still contact the airline because some airlines are still providing options such as vouchers, credit notes and the possibility to rebook the flight.”

Highland Radio

The European Consumer Centre is advising those planning to travel outside the EU to get advice on refunds ahead of departure. Refund laws vary from country to country outside the European Union. Dr. Cyril Sullivan of ECC Ireland says it’s best to seek advice with a travel agent before visiting a country outside the EU.

Red FM Radio

The European Consumer Centre says many who booked flights within the EU in recent weeks, have cancelled due to changing restrictions. He says if flights are not cancelled by an Airline or are part of a package holiday, refunds can not be guaranteed.