Irish Times, Pricewatch – “Your bumper guide to consumer rights”

12 July 2021

“Who you gonna call? Pricewatch: It’s important to know what you’re entitled to – and what you may not be”, writes Conor Pope in the Irish Times

“The European Consumer Centre (ECC) is a Europe-wide organisation that engages with consumers, and offers information and advice services on cross-border rights. It can, and does, fight the corner of consumers who have been wronged and often wins fights that would otherwise be impossible to win because of language barriers or because consumers here have no idea where to turn when bad things happen to them elsewhere in the EU.

A good example of how it works can be found in the recent pandemic unpleasantness. Since early 2020, through its 30 centres across the EU and the EEA, ECC Ireland’s parent organisation, the European Consumer Centres’ Network (ECC-Net), secured cancelled flights reimbursements totalling more than €2.5 million on behalf of passengers using its services. It said that 75 per cent of a total of 6,000 flight cancellation complaints received by the network were successfully resolved following its direct intervention.

If an Irish consumer gets into difficulty with a retailer or service provider outside of this jurisdiction, the ECC can help build a solid case, which it passes on to its counterpart in the relevant country which can then make contact with the trader to have the problem resolved.


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