An Irish consumer contacted ECC Ireland for assistance after her 16-year-old daughter was refused boarding for a flight with a Spanish airline, as the flight was overbooked. She was booked onto a flight for the next day but was not given any accommodation, meals, or telephone calls. The airline would only offer flight vouchers as compensation but gave no indication of their value. ECC Ireland shared the case with ECC Spain, who contacted the airline and pointed out their obligations under EU Regulation 261/2004. The airline accordingly issued the consumer with €250 compensation.


A Spanish consumer booked flights from Barcelona to Seville with an Irish airline. On boarding, he was told that his hand luggage was not in conformity with the airline’s hand luggage policies and was charged €54 to check it into the hold. However, he was then informed that the airline staff couldn’t check in the bag and so he was told to take it with him in the cabin. The consumer accordingly wrote to the airline, seeking a refund of the €54 he had paid to check in the bag. He received no reply and asked ECC Spain for assistance. The case was shared with ECC Ireland, who contacted the airline on the consumer’s behalf and managed to obtain a full refund for him.


A consumer booked flights from Dublin to Singapore using a web agent based in Greece. On inspection of her booking, she discovered that her connecting flight from London to Dublin on the way home departed from a different airport – she was to land in Heathrow on her return from Kuala Lumpur, but depart for Dublin from Gatwick. There was only a two and a half hour wait between connections, which meant it was impossible for the consumer to travel from one airport to the other and make the connecting flight. ECC Ireland shared the case with ECC Greece and asked them to remind the web trader that, as they were acting as agents for the airlines, it was their duty to exercise all due care, skill, and diligence towards the consumer and as such, to book her on flights with feasible travel times. The trader replied favourably to ECC Greece and reissued flights for the consumer. The case was therefore amicably resolved.