Cruise Disruption

A Consumer booked a cruise, however he experienced disruption for the first six days due to noise and vibrations from the engine. The consumer made a complaint while on board to staff members who after a number of days changed his room. With the intervention of ECC-Net the consumer was offered an additional 5% off a future cruise.

Non-Disclosed Fee

A consumer booked an airport transfer. The price quoted was not the price charged to the consumers credit card as there was an additional fee for making payments by credit cards. This fee was not display at the time of booking or payment authorisation. With the intervention of ECC Ireland the consumer received a refund for the charge.

Unfair property Practices

A consumer contacted ECC Ireland with a complaint concerning the unfair practices of the property industry in Cyprus. The consumer complained about the service offered by her solicitor in Cyprus and his failure to provide important information concerning the property purchased and information that was withheld from the consumer. ECC Ireland advised as per the communication issued by The Civil Justice Directorate of the EC in response to those complaints and to consider reporting the matter to Cyprus Bar Association in case any action can be taken in relation to the service offered by the consumers solicitor

Car Rental Issue

A consumer hired a car from an Irish car rental company. On the last day the car broke down and the consumer had to contact the Irish card rental company. The consumer was advised that they would arrange a collection of the vehicle. However after returning home the consumer was billed €130.00 (A collection fee) However the consumer felt this was an unfair charge as the car was faulty and this was the responsibility of the trader. The consumer was advised to contact the trader in writing and if unsuccessful to contact the ECC UK as the consumer is from the UK who would for the case to ECC Ireland.

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