An Irish consumer purchased two memory sticks from a UK-based trader via the internet. On receipt of the goods however, the consumer discovered that they only had 8GB of storage, not the 32GB of storage advertised. The USB sticks were returned for a full refund, as instructed by the trader. However, after a few weeks, no refund had been issued. The consumer accordingly contacted ECC Ireland and the case was shared with ECC UK. The latter contacted the trader and a full refund was secured for the consumer.


A UK consumer purchased a tablet computer from the webstore of an Irish trader. Approximately one year after purchase, the tablet developed a fault, but the trader refused to repair it for free as the one-year warranty had expired. The consumer contacted ECC UK and the case was brought to the attention of ECC Ireland. Following our contact with the trader, the tablet was repaired free of charge.


An Irish consumer ordered a notebook from a UK-based webtrader. However, the order was later cancelled as the trader was unable to deliver the item. The consumer was promised a full refund but this failed to materialise, so she contacted ECC Ireland. Following our intervention, the refund was secured.