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ECC Ireland


February 2020 

ECC Ireland has received queries from Irish consumers relating to how Brexit and the Brexit transition period may impact on their consumer rights arising from purchases made after the 31st January 2020. For the moment, nothing will change – the consumer protection afforded to Irish residents under applicable EU law will extend to all consumer transactions with traders based in the United Kingdom during the Brexit transition period, 1 February – 31 December 2020.

We would like to convey to Irish consumers that these rights include but are not limited to the following:


  • Buying Goods and Services

    The same consumer rights apply to goods and services bought from traders based in the UK during the transition period. When shopping online, your consumer rights include:

    – access to clear information about the product or service you are buying as to price, shipping and delivery costs;
    – the right of withdrawal (also known as the 14-day cooling-off period) for most online purchases (exceptions apply);
    – the right to refund for delayed arrival or non-delivery, and
    – the right to redress in case of faulty goods purchased in either online or offline transactions.

  • Travel

    For the remainder of the year 2020, the rules applicable to travel transactions and arrangements between Ireland and the UK will not change. Flights, ferries, cruise ships and trains will continue to operate as normal. Where your flight is cancelled or delayed, or you are denied boarding, you have significant entitlements under existing EU law. In the event of delays, cancellations, and incidents involving passenger ships, EU legislation protecting ship passenger rights cover you when you travel on a sea carrier based in the EU and to/from an EU port.

  • Package Holidays

    EU rules will remain in place during the transition period to provide protection to travellers who book package holidays with operators based in the UK. Your package-holiday rights include the expectation that the holiday you booked matches the description given to you at the time of the purchase, and that, if something goes wrong with your holiday, you have the right to make a complaint and submit a claim for compensation.

  • Mobile Roaming

    EU mobile data and calls roaming rules will also apply in the UK for the rest of the year. Under EU rules you can “roam like at home” and pay the same rates for calls and texts as you would at home while travelling within EU. For example, if your price bundle includes unlimited calls and texts, then you have unlimited calls and texts to use while you travel in the EU.

On behalf of the European Consumer Centre Ireland 

Diana Valentine, Press & Communications Manager 

February 2020

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