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Using a .ie domain name doesn’t mean you are buying Irish
Irish Examiner, 5 March 2021


Online deliveries, additional charges and your rights
RTE, 26 February 2021


Advisory on booking holidays in 2021, EC Ireland radio, 25 February 2021

The European Consumer Centre is advising members of the public who book holidays later this year to search for flexible contracts.
Cyril Sullivan of ECC Ireland says people booking holidays beyond July should explore flexible scenarios before paying a booking agent.

Advisory on .ie websites, EC Ireland radio, 16 February 2021

Dr Cyril Sullivan of ECC Ireland says says .ie websites based outside the European Union usually come hidden costs and dot not offer EU consumer law protections.

Consumer Choice magazine, February 2021

Consumer Choice



Irish Examiner, 9 February 2021

Buying Online In A Post Brexit World Is A Tricky Business

EC Ireland Radio, 9 February 2021

Irish consumers who purchase faulty items online from a UK-based supplier have legal protections if the company has a registered office in the European Union. The protections include areas such as contract information, taxes, charges, shipping, delivery, guarantees and returns. The European Consumer Centre in Dublin says Irish purchasers have rights if they have issues with unsatisfactory purchases. Cyril Sullivan of ECC Ireland says consumers who purchase such goods in the UK can check their status by contacting his office.

The Sunday Times Ireland, 7 February 2021

Don’t Get Caught Out By Brexit Changes Ireland The Sunday Times


The Rights Stuff Ireland The Sunday Times



RTE, 7 February 2021

How Covid 19 And Brexit Are Changing The Way We Shop


Live95 Limerick Today, 5 February 2021

Dr Cyril Sullivan of ECC Ireland on what does it mean if you buy online from the UK now?

EC Radio Ireland, 4 February 2021

European Consumer Centre advises the public to think twice about buying so-called ‘green’ items online. New figures from the European Commission show that 42% of products labelled online as ‘green’ are exaggerated, false or deceptive, particulalry for .
clothes, cosmetics and household equipment. Dr Cyril Sullivan of ECC Ireland says consumers should do their research before buying alleged ‘green’ products on the internet.

KFM Radio, 3 February 2021

European Consumer Centre Ireland advises consumers to do their homework before buying from the UK

Listen here.

RTE Radio 1, Today With Claire Byrne, 3 February 2021
Siobhan Maguire on travel vouchers, refunds and consumer rights

EXTRA, 3 February 2021

Consumers Warned To Look Out For Fake Irish Websites Post Brexit

RTE, 3 February 2021 

Consumers Warned Over Fake ‘Irish’ Websites Post Brexit RTE

EC Radio Ireland, 3 February 2021

RTE Radio 1, Morning Ireland, 2 February 2021 

Breaking News Ireland, 31 January 2021

Explainer What To Watch Out For When Shopping Online Post Brexit

Irish Examiner, 28 January 2021


Scammers Turn Level 5 Crisis Into An Opportunity

Sunday Independent, 24 January 2021 

Ten Ways To Limit The Costs And Headaches Of Brexit Playing Field


Sinead Ryan on the The Tonight Show, Virgin Media 1 

Thursday, 21st January 2021 

Watch from minute 25 here:

93.1 Life FM, 20 January 2021 

Dr Cyril Sullivan, Director of the European Consumer Centre Ireland on post Brexit consumer rights


Law Society Gazette, 18 January 2021

LAW SOCIETY Legal Action A Possibility For Consumer Disputes Post Brexit

Irish Examiner, Sunday 17 January 2021

Irish Examiner Consumers Urged To Use Credit Cards Post Brexit To Ensure Chargebacks JAN 2021

EC Radio Ireland, 15 January 2021

ECC Ireland will still process Irish consumer complaints with UK traders

“The European Consumer Centre office in Ireland says it will continue to process many types of complaints from Irish consumers dealing with UK traders. It says that with the signing of the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement, most support procedures remain in place. However the EU is still awaiting clarity from the British Government on how some specific kinds of complaints will be treated. Dr. Cyril Sullivan of ECC Ireland says a number of outstanding legal issues remain to be addressed.”


Ken Murray in conversation with Dr Cyril Sullivan from European Consumer Centre

18 December 2020

Sunday Times Ireland, 6 December 2020


Irish Daily Mail, 6 December 2020

EC Radio Ireland, Monday 30 November 2020

It’s Cyber Monday and the European Consumer Centre is advising online shoppers to buy from reputable websites only. It says dubious websites are plentiful at this time of the year aimed at misleading the public into paying for goods which are either sub-standard or may never arrive by post. Dr. Cyril Sullivan of the European Consumer Centre in Dublin says online purchasing with established brands is always safer in the end.

Irish Times, 30 November 2020

Irish Times 30.11



Sunday Independent, 29 November 2020

Sunday Indepdenent 29.11


Irish Examiner, 26 November 2020

Irish Examiner 26.11



Farmer’s Journal, 26 November 2020

Irish Examiner, 24 November 2020

Irish Independent, 23 November 2020 

Sunday Times Ireland, 22 November 2020 

Sunday Times 22.11

KFM Radio Kildare, Kildare Today, 20 November 2020 with Clem Ryan

European Consumer Centre Ireland on how to shop smartly and safely on Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2020. Listen to the programme from minute here.

Kfm Radio Kildare, Kildare Focus with Ciara Plunket, 13 November 2020

Listen to ECC Ireland Director, Dr Cyril Sullivan talk about refunds for flight cancellations and travel woes during the COVID-19 crisis. From minute 7:50 here:

The Echo, 16 November 2020

11 November 2020, FM 104, Q 102, EC Ireland Radio

The European Consumer Centre Ireland says tremendous progress is being made in securing cash refunds for people whose holidays and flights have been cancelled due to Covid 19. Lockdown measures have left tens of thousands of summer and winter holiday makers experiencing difficulty securing refunds and vouchers. Dr. Cyril Sullivan of ECC Ireland says his office is hoping to have this problem solved by the end of next month.

Radio Kerry, ‘Kerry Today’, 2 November 2020

The “EU and Me” programme examines the impact EU has had on our consumer rights. Jerry O’Sullivan in conversation with Dr Cyril Sullivan, director of the European Consumer Centre Ireland. Listen to the segment here.

Irish Independent, 31 October 2020

Irish Examiner, 30 October 2020

KFM Radio Kildare, Kildare Today, 27 October 2020

Dr Cyril Sullivan with Clem Ryan on European consumer rights issues on- and offline

Listen here. 

Irish Times, 26 October 2020 

LMFM, October 2020
Dr Cyril Sullivan with Ken Murray on consumer rights for package holidays and more

The Herald, 05 October 2020

EC Radio Ireland, 29 September 2020

Dr. Cyril Sullivan of the European Consumer Centre says most people who booked package holidays this year but were unable to travel are entitled to refunds.

Siobhan Maguire on Today with Maura & Daithi, RTE, 21 September 2020

The Herald, 14 September 2020



Newstalk, 10 September 2020

Sunday Times, 6 September 2020




On the Level, LifeFM, Cork, 31 July 2020

Dr Cyril Sullivan on the EU consumer rights. Listen here:

European Commission Ireland radio, 31 July 2020



Frequent Flyer – Facts and Findings About the Future of Business Travel in 2020 and Beyond

Expert Insights from Dr Cyril Sullivan, Director of the European Consumer Centre Ireland for the Institute of Directors Ireland here.

Frequent Flyer – Facts And Findings About The Future Of Business Travel In 2020 And.. Institute Of Directors In Ireland


European Commission Ireland radio, 31 July 2020

Diana Valentine, Press Manager, European Consumer Centre Ireland
 Today, 30 July 2020

Sinead Ryan, Home Show, Newstalk THE HARD SHOULDER, 20 July 2020

From 1:30:00 here:

Some countries to be challenged by the European Commission for failing to comply with EU law on cancelled package travel legislation

Business Ireland Magazine, Irish Times, 8 July 2020

Sunday Independent, 5 July 2020

Irish Daily Mail, 1 July 2020

Today with Maura and Daithi, RTE 1, 12 June 2020

Siobhan Maguire discusses consumer rights and returns in relation to faulty goods. Watch from minute 50 here. 

MidWest Radio, The Tommy Marren Show, 11 June 2020

Newstalk FM, 8 June 2020 

Consumer journalist Sinead Ryan (@sinead_ryan) talks to “The Hard Shoulder” presenter Ivan Yates (@IvanYatesNT) on @NewstalkFM about air travel and package travel queries from Irish consumers here:

Irish Times, 8 June 2020

Irish Times, 6 June 2020 

European Commission Ireland Radio, 5 June 2020.
The European Consumer Centre says people who booked package holidays cancelled due to Covid-19, have a number of options under the EU Package Travel Directive.

Ferries sailing but quarantine restrictions mean many can’t travel, 23 May 2020

The Irish Times, 14 May 2020

Airlines furious at EU’s stance that passengers cannot be forced to accept vouchers

Connemara FM, Failte, 14 May 2020

Diana Valentine, Press & Communications Manager, on the European Commission’s guidelines about vouchers and refunds from minute 37 here: 

RTÉ News: Six One, 13 May 2020

Dr Cyril Sullivan, Director of ECC Ireland, on cash refunds and travel vouchers, from minute 10:20 here. Or watch the video below: 

European Commission Ireland Radio, 13 May 2020

Diana Valentine, Press & Communications Manager, on the European Commission’s guidelines on travel vouchers and consumer rights.

The Sunday Independent, Irish Independent, 10 May 2020

Irish Times, 11 May 2020

Radio Kerry Today, 8 May 2020

Dr. Cyril Sullivan, Director of the European Consumer Centre Ireland, on main consumer concerns to be aware of during these unprecedented times. Listen to the podcast here:


Irish Examiner, 8 May 2020


Irish Times, 4 May 2020

Travel Rights Q&A, Ireland AM with consumer expert and journalist, Siobhán Maguire

Watch the programme here .

Galway Talks with Keith Finnegan, 1 May 2020

Dr Cyril Sullivan, Director of ECC Ireland from minute 1:40:20


Irish Examiner, 30 April 2020

Nine to Noon Show with Greg Hughes, Highland Radio
30 April 2020
Dr Cyril Sullivan, Director of ECC Ireland on Irish consumer rights.

Listen here from min 1:08:00.

Consumer Choice Magazine, 21 April 2020

The Irish Examiner, 21 April 2020

NewsTalk, 21 April 2020

Today with Maura and Daithi, 20 Apr 2020

Siobhan Maguire on scams and fraud at 15:51:00 – 15:58:00 here

Irish Times, 14 April 2020

Irish times

Irish times

irish times

Irish Examiner, 3 April 2020

Conor Pope of the Irish Times and Ray D’Arcy of RTE Radio 1

The Ray D’Arcy Show, 30 March 2020

Consumer Affairs segment, from minute:  1:06:00 here:

Irish Times, 30 March 2020

Irish Times, 29 March 2020

The Herald, 30 March 2020, 28 March 2020



Irish Times, 27 March 2020





Newstalk 104, 21 March 21 2020

Sinead Ryan, The Home Show


Catch all the Home Show podcasts on Newstalk here

Today with Maura and Daithi, Monday, 16 March 2020

Siobhan Maguire, Consumer Champion
minute 5.55-12.55 here

The Irish Times, 16 March 2020

the irish timesirish times




The Irish Examiner, 17 March 2020

irish examiner








The Sunday Times Ireland, 15 March 2020

The sunday times Ireland

RTE Radio 1, Today With Sean O’Rourke,  12 March 2020

Siobhan Maguire on consumer rights and advice from European Consumer Centre Ireland. from minute 30.
Listen to the programme here: 

The Irish Times, 11 March 2020







RTE Radio, Morning Ireland, 10 March 2020

Gearóid Gilley, Head of Customer Services at VHI Healthcare, and Consumer Correspondents Fran McNulty from RTE and Siobhán Maguire from Sunday Times Ireland, share solutions to the travel headaches associated with Covid-19. Listen to the radio programme here:

The Irish Times, 10 March 2020








Irish Examiner, 9 March 2020


Irish Examiner, 6 March 2020

Irish Daily Mail, 29 February 2020

ECC Ireland

Irish Times, 29 February 2020

the irish times

irish times coronavirus

irish times coronavirus

































































Irish Examiner, 28 February 2020


































The Irish Examiner, 27 February 2020

irish examiner































irish examiner


irish examiner



Irish Examiner, 27 February 2020

ECC Ireland Irish Examiner



RTE News, 26 February 2020



























































































































































































































































Echo, 27 February 2020

ECC Ireland

Irish Examiner,

John hearne Irish Examiner consumer Rights ECC Ireland

John Hearne Irish Examiner consumer rights ECC Ireland

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