Consumer Column: Ferries sailing but quarantine restrictions mean many can’t travel, 23 May 2020

The Irish Times, 14 May 2020

Airlines furious at EU’s stance that passengers cannot be forced to accept vouchers

Connemara FM, Failte, 14 May 2020

Diana Valentine, Press & Communications Manager, on the European Commission’s guidelines about vouchers and refunds from minute 37 here.

RTÉ News: Six One, 13 May 2020

Dr Cyril Sullivan, Director of ECC Ireland, on cash refunds and travel vouchers, from minute 10:20 here.

European Commission Ireland Radio, 13 May 2020

Diana Valentine, Press & Communications Manager, on the European Commission’s guidelines on travel vouchers and consumer rights.


The Sunday Independent, Irish Independent, 10 May 2020

Irish Times, 11 May 2020

Radio Kerry Today, 8 May 2020

Listen to the podcast here.

Consumer Concerns during Coronavirus | Dr. Cyril Sullivan, Director of the European Consumer Centre Ireland, joins Treasa Murphy to discuss some of the main consumer concerns to be aware of during these unprecedented times.

Irish Examiner, 8 May 2020


Irish Times, 4 May 2020

Travel Rights Q&A, Ireland AM with consumer expert and journalist, Siobhán Maguire

Watch the programme here .

Galway Talks with Keith Finnegan, 1 May 2020

Listen from minute 1:40:20 here.

Irish Examiner, 30 April 2020

Nine to Noon Show with Greg Hughes, Highland Radio
30 April 2020

Listen here from min 1:08:00.

Consumer Choice Magazine, 21 April 2020

The Irish Examiner, 21 April 2020

NewsTalk, 21 April 2020

Today with Maura and Daithi, 20 Apr 2020

Siobhan Maguire on scams and fraud at 15:51:00 – 15:58:00 here

Irish Times, 14 April 2020

Irish times

Irish times

irish times

Irish Examiner, 3 April 2020

Conor Pope of the Irish Times and Ray D’Arcy of RTE Radio 1

The Ray D’Arcy Show, 30 March 2020

Consumer Affairs segment: 1:01:00

Mention of European Consumer Centre Ireland:  1:06:00

Listen to the recording here:

Irish Times, 30 March 2020

Irish Times, 29 March 2020

The Herald, 30 March 2020, 28 March 2020



Irish Times, 27 March 2020

Newstalk 104, 21 March 21 2020

Sinead Ryan of the Home Show

Newstalk 104, 20 March 21 2020

Sinead Ryan of the Home Show

Catch all the Home Show podcasts on Newstalk here


Today with Maura and Daithi, Monday, 16 March 2020

Siobhan Maguire, Consumer Champion
minute 5.55-12.55 here


The Irish Times, 16 March 2020

the irish timesirish times



The Irish Examiner, 17 March 2020

irish examiner





The Sunday Times Ireland, 15 March 2020

The sunday times IrelandRTE Radio 1, Today With Sean O’Rourke,  12 March 2020

Siobhan Maguire on consumer rights and advice from European Consumer Centre Ireland. from minute 30.
Listen to the programme here: 

The Irish Times, 11 March 2020




RTE Radio, Morning Ireland, 10 March 2020

Gearóid Gilley, Head of Customer Services at VHI Healthcare, and Consumer Correspondents Fran McNulty from RTE and Siobhán Maguire from Sunday Times Ireland, share solutions to the travel headaches associated with Covid-19. Listen to the radio programme here:

The Irish Times, 10 March 2020





Irish Examiner, 9 March 2020


Irish Examiner, 6 March 2020

Irish Daily Mail, 29 February 2020

ECC Ireland

Irish Times, 29 February 2020

the irish times

irish times coronavirus

irish times coronavirus

































































Irish Examiner, 28 February 2020
































The Irish Examiner, 27 February 2020

irish examiner































irish examiner


irish examiner

Irish Examiner, 27 February 2020

ECC Ireland Irish Examiner


RTE News, 26 February 2020





















































































































































































































































Echo, 27 February 2020

ECC Ireland

Irish Examiner,

John hearne Irish Examiner consumer Rights ECC Ireland

John Hearne Irish Examiner consumer rights ECC Ireland