Package Travel Consumer Rights and Redress in the EU

Package travel consumer rights apply to all packages purchased online, in person, from a tour operator, travel agent or any other trader that is acting as the organiser of the package. Here are some key consumer rights under the EU package travel regulations:

  1. Clear information: The tour operator must provide clear and accurate information about the package holiday, including the price, itinerary, and details of the accommodation and transportation.
  2. Contract and cancellation: The consumer has the right to receive a written contract, as well as the right to cancel the contract within a specified period and receive a full refund.
  3. Changes and price increases: The tour operator must inform the consumer of any changes to the package holiday and obtain their consent. Any price increases are only permitted under specific circumstances.
  4. Duty of care: The tour operator has a duty to ensure that the package holiday is performed to a reasonable standard and to provide assistance if the consumer encounters difficulties.
  5. Liability: The tour operator is liable for any damage or injury caused to the consumer as a result of their negligence or breach of contract.
  6. Insolvency protection: The tour operator must provide protection for consumers in the event of their insolvency, which may include refund or repatriation arrangements.

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Overall, the package travel regulations are designed to provide consumers with greater protection when booking package holidays, giving them clear information, contractual rights, and the ability to seek redress in the event of any issues.