ECC-Net report 2020

Chargeback Report 2020

ECC-Net 2019 White Paper on
Consumer Protection Legislation in the EU

Programme Politique EN Web

ECC-Net reports 2017:

ECC-Net counterfeit report: ‘The impact of counterfeiting on online consumer rights in Europe’

ECC-Net online holiday booking report: ‘Is the initial price the final price?’


ECC-Net reports 2016:

ECC- Net Services Directive report: ‘Do Invisible Borders Still Restrict Consumer Access to Services in the EU?’

ECC-Net cross-border car purchases: What to look for when you’re bargain hunting


ECC-Net reports 2015:

ECC-Net Timeshare report

ECC-Net Air Passengers Rights Report 2015 – ‘Do consumers get the compensation they are entitled to and at what costs?’

ECC-Net Anniversary Report 2005 – 2015 

ECC-Net Report on Commercial Warranties in the EU (summary version)

ECC-Net Feasibility Study Report: Assistance for non-EU Tourists (North America)


ECC-Net reports 2014:

ECC-Net e-Commerce Report 2014 (Part 2 – Highlights for Consumers)

ECC-Net e-Commerce Report 2014 (Part 1 – Highlights for Traders)

ECC-Net Report on Chargeback in the EU and EEA


ECC-Net reports 2013:

Report on the Services Directive (2013)

Ski Resorts in Europe 2012-2013

ADR in Air Passenger Rights (2013)

Fraud in cross-border e-commerce (2013)


ECC-Net reports 2012:

ADR in Ireland: Research Report (2012)

European Small Claims Procedure Report (2012)

E-commerce Report (2012)

The Cost of Paying: Study On Currency & Payment Card Fees in Airline Sector (2012)


ECC-Net reports 2011:

ECC Net Air Passenger Rights report 2011


ECC-Net reports 2010:

ESCP in Ireland 2010



ECC Car Rental Contracts Report (2008)

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