February 3, 2016 – The European Consumer Centre in Ireland (ECC Ireland) is advising Irish holidaymakers to watch out for unscrupulous traders when abroad. The centre has received reports of consumers, particularly the elderly, being targeted by aggressive selling practises, misled into paying inflated prices for products, and their credit card details used to take more money, sometimes as much as €7,000.

February is International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network’s (ICPEN) scams prevention month. It is also the time of year when people are booking their sun holidays, with Spain being particularly popular with Irish holidaymakers. However, some holidaymakers in the Canary Islands have experienced problems when buying goods, especially electronic goods, during their trips.

Although the vast majority of traders are reputable, there are some who have used aggressive or misleading selling techniques to pressure consumers into buying items such as cameras or tablets. ECC Ireland regularly receives complaints of this nature, with some of the most recent involving elderly Irish citizens being conned into paying far more than intended.

Our Canary Island scams press release will tell you more about how holidaymakers are being scam, examples of cases, and advice on what to do to avoid it.