The EU has announced it is organising a month of online debates between individuals, businesses, organisations, policy-makers and Europe’s leaders to discuss ideas to improve the European Single Market.


This will take place from the 23rd September to 23rd October and will involve:


•4 topics to discuss key areas which affect your daily life: jobs, social rights, banks and e-commerce


•4 weeks to put forward your own ideas or to comment, vote and share on those of others


•4 weeks to have a live dialogue with Europe’s leaders, policy-makers and other experts


Single Market Month is your opportunity to directly influence the European debate. EU policymakers want to know your ideas, and hear your thoughts about topics that are relevant to the way we work, shop, do business, study… Questions to be addressed will range from ‘What more can the EU do to tackle youth unemployment?’, ‘What social benefits are available to me when I move to another Member State?’, ‘How can I return products bought online to different Member States?’.


The e-commerce theme is of particular interest for both consumers and companies alike. Buying, selling and communicating online has transformed day-to-day life in the EU. This debate could include anything from buying and selling online, to VAT on online purchases, delivery issues, privacy on social media and more. The debate on e-commerce is between 14 and 16 October.


To share your ideas and find out more go to


You can take part in the online debates from 23rd September onwards.