#YourEUright: Basic Consumer Rights in the European Union

As an EU consumer, you have rights to protect you online, offline and across EU borders.


14 Days Return

When you shop online, for example, you have the right to a cooling-off period of 14 calendar days, where you can withdraw from the contract and return your purchases. 


Learn more about the cooling-off 14 days’ return period here: europa.eu/youreuright/game 


Repair or Replacement Under the EU 2-Year Product Guarantee

It’s #yourEUright to have a defective product fixed or replaced. A seller must repair, replace, give you a discount or give you a refund if the product is faulty or doesn’t work as advertised within the first two years.

Learn more about how to claim for a defective product here: europa.eu/youreuright/game 

EU Product Safety

If you discover something is unsafe, immediately alert the seller and the authorities in your country. You should also ask to be compensated because a product should be safe during its predicted lifespan.

Learn more about product safety rules in the EU here: europa.eu/youreuright/game 


Fair Consumer Contracts

Some consumer contracts have hidden terms, by which they can limit a seller’s liability. This violates your EU consumer rights.

Learn more about unfair contracts and practices and the rules to prevent them here: europa.eu/youreuright/game