European Small Claims Procedure

The European Small Claims Procedure provides consumers and businesses with a uniform and inexpensive debt recovery process for low-value claims in cross-border cases without the need to be legally represented. It is available to litigants as an alternative to the legal procedures under the national laws of the EU Member States.

The procedure applies in civil and commercial matters where the value of a claim does not exceed €5,000. It is conducted in writing, via standard forms in courts across the EU within certain time limits. A judgement given in the European Small Claims Procedure is enforceable in another EU Member State and cannot be appealed.

The European Small Claims Procedure can be used by both consumers and traders to make a claim against another business, an organisation, a customer. 

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In Ireland the European Small Claims Procedure is provided through the District Court for a fee of €25. The relevant forms can be obtained from the Courts Service website or at your local District Court.