• Smart shopping tips for Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2020

    If you are wondering if you can really get a genuine deal on Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2020 in Ireland, the answer is: yes and no. To make sure you get the best deal available, keep these things in mind ...

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  • European Commission launches New Consumer Agenda for Europe

    Newly-launched New Consumer Agenda will empower European consumers to play an active role in the green and digital transitions ...

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  • How to shop safely online in 2020

    In the times of the Coronavirus, we shop online more than ever. So how can we do it safely? Here are a few common sense things you need to check before making a purchase online.

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  • Brexit and European Consumer Rights in 2020 and Beyond

    ECC Ireland looks at rights of Irish and European Union consumers when buying from traders based in the UK during the Brexit transition period.

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  • Travel and tourism in Europe: practical guidance from the EU for travellers and companies

    The European Commission published its practical guide on travelling in Europe as COVID-19 restrictions are gradually being lifted in May 2020

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Need Consumer Advice?

European Consumer Centre (ECC) Ireland offers free advice and assistance to Irish consumers shopping for goods and services in other European Union countries, as well as Norway, Iceland and the United Kingdom. Click here to find out about our services and how you can submit a complaint.

Please note:

  • If you are resident in Ireland and have a complaint against a trader based in the Republic of Ireland, you should contact the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission, which handles complaints of this nature.
  • If you are resident in any of the other European Union countries, Norway, Iceland or the United Kingdom and have a complaint against a trader based in the Republic of Ireland, you should contact the local European Consumer Centre in the country you are based in.
At present, we aim to respond to all customer inquiries and complaints within 5 working days. However, as we are currently experiencing an unusually high demand for our service, we cannot always guarantee this.