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  • What did ECC Ireland get up to during 2016?

    European Consumer Centre (ECC) Ireland latest Annual Report reveals that air travel, car rental, electronic products, furniture, and hotels/accommodation were the top 5 areas of cross-border consumer complaint during 2016.

    Read our Annual Report 2016 here
  • Get online consumer advice

    If you have a problem with your purchase in another EU country and cannot resolve it with the trader, check your consumer rights or complain online to the European Consumer Centre.

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Need Consumer Advice?

Having problems getting a refund for a cancelled flight or in getting a faulty product replaced?

ECC Ireland can offer free help advice for passengers and consumers shopping for goods and services in other European countries, Norway or Iceland.

We can also offer free expert help in settling your complaint against an EU-based foreign trader, for example an online seller or airline from another EU country, if you are not happy about how they handled your complaint.

If you would like to submit a complaint against an Irish trader, you should contact your local European Consumer Centre or, if you are resident in Ireland, the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission.