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Right to cancel

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Can I cancel or return a purchase?

If you buy products or services online, in most cases you have 14 days to change your mind and get a full refund. You must return your purchase within 14 days from when you let the business know that you are using your right to cancel. You can use our letter template to help you return your purchase.

Good to know

When you want to use your right to cancel for an online purchase, you must:

  • Inform the business in writing within 14 days of receiving your purchase.
  • Return the product(s) within 14 days of cancelling, you may need to pay the postage cost.
  • Remember, if it is a service that you are cancelling, you will need to stop using the service and pay for what you have used.

You should be refunded within 14 days:

  • The cost of the purchase.
  • The delivery costs (for standard delivery).

You may have to pay for returning the order, but only if the business has informed you about that obligation when you placed your order.

The right to cancel will not apply when:

  • You asked the business to personalise a product for you, e.g. a t-shirt with a customised design
  • You used the service immediately
  • There are health or hygiene reasons why the product cannot be returned, e.g. swimwear or underwear
  • The seal on software, audio or video products is broken, e.g. CDs
  • Your purchase is accommodation, transport of goods, car rental services, catering or leisure activities that are for a set date or period of time

The business must tell you if you do not have a right to cancel. If they do not tell you about the cancellation period, it will automatically extend by a period up to 12 months or until they tell you.