Whether movies or music, most of us use some form of streaming in our daily lives. Recent changes in consumer law mean that you have stronger rights when it comes to digital content and services. This means you have consumer rights in relation to anything you download or stream, including apps, software, eBooks, games or music. It can also be something online that you have paid for or something given to you for free with a paid-for item. Read on to find out what this means for you.

What can I expect from my streaming service?

Most importantly you can expect the service to work as you were told that it would; that it is the most up to date version (unless you agree otherwise) and that you have all the necessary accessories and instructions for it to work. You should also be given any information you need about digital and security updates.

Before you signed up for the service you should also have been given clear and easy to understand information about:

  • The details of the service (if it wasn’t already clear)
  • The total price (including VAT) or how the price will be calculated
  • If any additional charges apply
  • If you have the right to cancel
  • The business’s name, address and phone number

Take your streaming service on tour

European laws mean consumers can bring their online subscriptions while travelling. This means you can enjoy your shows and music if you are anywhere in the EU. This only applies when your stay abroad is temporary. If have an unpaid subscription to a digital service then the content provider is allowed to limit the use of the service abroad. And, European laws also mean that you can be no longer charged extra for using your mobile data or phone minutes in another EU country. The EU has a ‘roam like at home’ policy. This means you will be able to use your mobile data for digital streaming services whenever you cross an EU border. Just be aware that providers are allowed to apply a fair use policy so make sure to check this before you leave.

Review your subscription

Don’t forget if you use multiple streaming services, you could cancel all but one. Once you’ve caught up on all your favourite programmes then you can cancel this service and subscribe to another. You can only watch one programme at a time; so why not only subscribe to one streaming service at a time too? It could save you a lot of money.

Unhappy with your streaming service?

Under consumer law, the business must resolve any issue, so the digital content or service meets what was agreed in the contract. They must correct the issue for free, in the shortest time possible and without significant inconvenience to you. Find out more about how to get problems with a service addressed here.