The European Consumer Centre (ECC) in Ireland is undergoing a change – and it isn’t just our website! The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) has applied to the European Commission to be the new provider for the ECC Ireland service. The CCPC is in the process of setting up a new ECC Ireland service.

How we can help today

If you are having difficulties with a cross-border business, our new website will help you assert your rights. We provide information across a wide range of topics from buying online and service contracts to flights, package holidays and car rental. We have also developed a range of easy-to-use letter templates, which will help you assert those rights and tell the business how you want your problem to be fixed.

If your problem is still not resolved, our Take Action section sets out your next options depending on your circumstances.

Our new service

As the CCPC is setting up a new service, there will be a transition period while we put in place all the expertise we need to continue the important work of the ECC Network.

When our new service is in place, you will be able to make a complaint to our case-handling team through our website. Keep an eye on this website for updates on when the new service will open.

Existing complaints

The previous provider of this service closed on the 31 December 2023. Unfortunately, we are unable to progress the complaints that were made to the previous provider. If you have already made a complaint, you will receive an update via the email address you used when making the complaint.

There are steps, however, that you can take to progress your complaint:

  • Firstly, if you haven’t, you will need to make a formal complaint in writing to the business with which you are having a problem. You will need to have completed this step before you will be able to avail of any other formal remedies.
  • If you have already made a complaint to the business and are unhappy with the outcome of your complaint, read our Take Action’ section on this site as it sets out your next options depending on your circumstances.
  • Finally, you will be able to submit your complaint when our new service is open. We expect to have a team of dedicated complaint handlers in place in the coming months. We will announce on our website when the new service is open.

Who else can help me with a complaint?

  • If your complaint is about a trader registered in Ireland, you will need to contact the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission. You can do so through their website or by calling their consumer helpline on 01 402 5555. The CCPC’s website also provides extensive information about your consumer rights.
  • If your complaint is about a cancelled flight, you were denied boarding or had a long flight delay that originated in Ireland, you can contact the Irish Aviation Authority.
  • Your financial institution – depending on the timeframe, you may be able to dispute the transaction with your bank, using their chargeback process. Read more about chargebacks and when they apply.