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Linked travel arrangements

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Linked travel arrangements: what do you need to know?

Linked travel arrangements are when you buy two or more travel components from different businesses under separate contracts that are linked in some way. For example, you book a flight on a website and you are then invited, through a targeted link, to book a hotel on a different website.

Linked travel arrangements are not considered a package holiday and therefore different rules apply, as this page explains.

Good to know

The business must clearly inform that:

  • You are about to book a linked travel arrangement
  • That different rules and rights apply to a linked travel arrangement than to a package holiday
  • That each business is responsible for each part of your trip
  • That each business provides security regarding the part of the trip that they offer

If you have a complaint, you must directly approach the business responsible for the part of the trip you are dissatisfied with. For example, if you are dissatisfied with your flight, you must report this directly to the airline.

If a business goes bankrupt, it is only liable for the part of the trip for which is has a contract with you. The bankrupt business must reimburse you for the costs of their component of the trip. They must also ensure they can cover the cost of getting you home.